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Monday Motivation - Sales Shift

"Softchoice is entering into its 5th year working with Jill Harrington and Lorella Depieri?The consistent feedback is that this is ?the best sales training? many have ever received? Lorella and Jill have tailored a world-class sales methodology to our business environment and created an interactive facilitation format that is outstanding. We are confident that it shows in the results in terms of seasoned reps uncovering new opportunities within days of training completion and reps of all experience levels closing bigger more strategic deals within a matter of months? The SLS program has been a direct contributor to our sustained growth."

Sr. VP Sales,

"I can honestly say I learned more in 3 days than I had in 3 years of Business School! You put some confidence behind the potential and I can't thank you enough."

Multimedia Advertising Consultant
The Telegram, Transcontinental Media NL

"Jill, you are truly making a difference in people's careers. I am sure you hear this all the time, but I have to tell you that you are brilliant at your profession. As an attorney, I have been subjected to countless hours of "training," and I can honestly say that your course was the most beneficial and enjoyable that I have ever taken... you have truly changed my perception of selling. Thanks for everything."

Account Executive,
Softchoice Corporation

"The combination of sales training, reinforcement clinics, coaching initiatives, coupled with Jill's contribution as a speaker at our national sales and marketing conferences, has raised the bar within our team in terms of how we look at our sales efforts. We have moved away from being task oriented sales people to becoming a strategic sales team. The sales planning and support tools were critical in the continuance of our learning and application of training after the sessions were completed. Overall, we became a better sales force as a result of this partnership."

Managing Director of Sales,
Hilton Worldwide

"Jill, I wanted to drop you a quick thank you note regarding the most recent CSP training. I have been getting glowing comments on how fantastic the training was and also on how wonderful the instructor was. Everyone I have spoken to regarding the training felt it was a valuable use of their time and that it would definitely help them advance their sales cycles. Thanks again for all of your dedication in making this program a success."

Senior Director Sales North America,
Direct Energy Business

"Jill is an inspiration ? her knowledge, style, energy and enthusiasm should be bottled and sold. By far the best sales training that I?ve ever been through, and I?ve done the Xerox sales training!!"

National Account Manager,
Transcontinental Media

"Jill, just wanted to reiterate that the SalesSHIFT presentation that you presented today at the SITE Education day was absolutely fabulous and key to sales success. The topic, message and delivery were excellent! The message was simple yet so powerful that I walked away inspired, motivated and ready to implement the directives from the presentation. In fact, I'm following through on revisiting a client conversation to fully understand their point of view based on my learnings at your presentation... Thank you for delivering a strategic and vital sales message that is critical to the success of individuals and businesses.'

Vice President, Operations, Canada,
HRG Events and Meeting Management

"I was less than enthusiastic to attend yet another 'sales training', as this was probably the 15th throughout my career. Jill Harrington?s qualities as a business person, a communicator and seasoned sales leader quickly turned things around for me. Without question, one of the best trainers I?ve ever met."

Senior Account Manager
Softchoice / Optimus Regional HQ

"On behalf of the coaches (and the coaches before them!) a heartfelt thank you for all your efforts to help us grow this business, and more importantly for how much you really care about our people."

Director, Organizational Development

"Jill is rock solid in her delivery and an expert in her field. The content is not only educational but extremely entertaining as well. If you are interested in improving sales in your organization, you owe it to yourself and your company to talk with Jill."

Account Executive,

"Jill has worked with our Sales and Service teams with fantastic results each and every time. Jill presents passionately, professionally and with great clarity. Her post-training follow up is exemplary and ensures that we get phenomenal value from each experience."

Vice President,
Meridican Incentive Consultants

"Thank you again for taking the remainder of our team through the CSP training. Changing an individual?s process in a profession like ours is only possible when you gain absolute buy-in to the concept and you develop a deep rooted belief in the rep that applying this process will prove success in every outcome... Your amazing ability to send seven people back to me that were wholly committed to this program makes my job easier."

Retail Advertising Manager,
The Telegram, Transcontinental Media NL

"What?s changed for me is that for every important client meeting, I review my notes from your training just to remind me to always put myself in the clients shoes and to always focus on what is important to them so that I can do my best to satisfy their requirements?so far it has paid off more than I could have ever imagined. I?ve been selling in various industries for 16 years now?I only now feel like a true professional! Thank you so much?no BS, I truly attribute much of my recent success to your training!"

Business Development Manager,
Meridican Incentive Consultants

"Jill has trained three of my teams in the past five years for various companies and she consistently delivers valuable, relevant and useful sales techniques and ideas. She is a true professional sales trainer who kept my goals and objectives in mind throughout the four day session. Jill?s approachable style will put the most fragile and non-confident sales people at ease and allow for true learning to take place. Within days of the training I observed first-hand the shift in my sales team and the wins that we scored. Thanks Jill- looking forward to a follow up refresher day in the future."

Executive Director, Sales,
Cineplex Entertainment

?I consider myself a so called seasoned professional and let me tell you ? I am enjoying your (webinar) training. Yes it?s reinforcing what I already know but I haven?t needed to do any new business development prospecting in a long time and frankly I?ve gotten rusty. The session on Friday was excellent. I immediately updated my LinkedIn profile following the meeting. Goes without saying ? you can use me as an advocate for your training any time. Thank you.?

Director Client Services,

?Based on the feedback I received from John and a few of the attendees, it sounds like the session last week was extremely well received! Jill thank you for your hard work and thorough preparation. I had one of the Relationship Managers say to me, "she really knew her stuff!" ? thank you once again for a "top shelf" experience!?

Senior Relationship Manager,
Scotiabank - Ontario Dealer Finance Centre

"JIll's approach was exactly what the client needed. It was focused, informative, energetic, interactive and tailored to the issues the client was trying to behaviorally change. Her commitment to insuring the client got the desired results was evident. She would be an asset to any organization looking to improve their sales performance."

Janice Mars
Managing Partner, SalesLatitude

Source: http://www.salesshift.ca/monday-motivation-jan-282013/

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